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Model: PD-380 (380V),PD-220 (220V)

1. 2U chassis height design, with the signal interface, speaker interface, power interface in one box;

2. Equipped with three-phase 380V waterproof socket as power input interface, assigned to 6 single-phase 220V / 15A universal power output 3 pins sockets to supply the power of different sound systems;

3. Equipped with three-phase 380V waterproof output socket, to provide the power cascade for the amplifier rack case systems.

4. Neutrik NL8 and NL4 speaker socket output, to work and meet the requirements of 2-way, 3-way and 4-way sound systems;

5. 4 group signal input and output, easy for the signal distribute and cascade (HF, MF, LF, SUB etc);

6. 2 inch LED display screen, can real-time display the current voltage;

7. Each speakon has marked the function and corresponding to the speaker interface;

8. Internal power canles in accordance with the standards of state three-phase 5 wires connection, to be wires, L1, L2, L3, N, E, colors respectively for: yellow, green, red, blue, yellow green double color.

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